Seta Accredited and Non-Accredited Training (Formal Qualifications and Short Courses)

BDCE’s approach is based on adult education principles. Our training is characterised by interaction and participation as opposed to traditional theoretical courses. We customize our programmes to meet our clients’ specific training needs. We provide accredited – as well as non-accredited training through competent facilitators and our QMS includes registered assessors and moderators.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a competency-based approach. Since our training is needs-based, we prefer to do a skills needs analysis prior to training. Post-training follow-up and feedback to management regarding delegates’ development and progress are seen as vital processes. Training programmes have been implemented successfully to a wide variety of clients in numerous industries.

BDCE is accredited with Services Seta (0691) and hold memorandums of understanding with: Local Government (LG) Seta, Public Services Seta (PSETA), Education, Training and Development Practices (ETDP) Seta, Media, Information and Communication Technologies (MICT) Seta, Wholesale and Retail (W&R) Seta, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) and Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA)